Acne, blackheads and whiteheads, how do you get rid of them?

Acne, blackheads and whiteheads, how do you get rid of them?

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You're not the only one!

Acne, eating disorders and clogged pores, but as many as 85% of people have experienced it between the ages of 18 and 24[1]. After the young years, acne decreases sharply, but unfortunately some people still have it.

To prevent acne and eating disorders, you can take several steps such as: eating healthy
(especially eating less sugar), reducing stress, sleeping well and of course good skin care.

In this blog we are going to talk about the latest, skin care.


Skin care

Are you already using a lot of skin care products and your acne persists or has even gotten worse? Then it's wise to look at whether all your products are actually needed, because with skin care products, less is often more.

A skin care routine can consist of several steps, but the minimum is often three products:

  1. Facial cleanser
  2. Moisturizing cream
  3. Sunscreen

In addition to these three steps, you can also use additional products such as lotion, toner, essence, masks, scrubs and acids. Should you wish to use such products, implement them one by one with a minimum time period of one week in between to ensure that the product does not irritate your skin.

Skin care devices

If you have your skin care routine in order, you can also use specially developed equipment to cleanse or care for your skin. We are going to talk about four products in this blog:

  1. Facial steamer or facial sauna (ANLAN Nano Facial Steamer)
  2. Facial Cleansing Brush (ANLAN Electric Facial Cleansing Brush)
  3. Blackhead Remover (ANLAN Blackhead Remover)
  4. ANLAN ultrasonic scrubbing spatula

ANLAN Nano Facial Steamer

When your skin is dry, your skin will produce extra sebum to re-grease your skin. When you have too much sebum production, your pores become clogged faster, the main cause of acne. That's why steaming your face is good for your skin. It has several benefits: It helps to hydrate your skin, soften sebum and make your skin care products soak up better.



ANLAN Electric Facial Cleansing Brush

Washing your face with an electric brush is quick and easy. The brush produces ultrasonic vibrations that easily release dirt, leading to a thorough wash. Some facial cleansing brushes are not suitable for daily use because of the abrasive brushes, so choose a silicone head and different speed settings.

The headpiece of the ANLAN brush is completely silicone and has five speed settings: speed 1 and 2 are ideal for sensitive skin, 3 is the standard speed for daily use, while 4 and 5 can be used for deep cleaning of your skin.


ANLAN Blackhead Remover

You know it, those black dots on your face, blackheads! Use a blackhead remover instead of your fingers. Removing blackheads with your fingers can push the bacteria even deeper into your skin, which can lead to inflammation, in other words acne.

Remove blackheads easily with a blackhead remover. This blackhead remover allows you to set three different suction power levels, ideal for stubborn blackheads and also sensitive skin.



ANLAN ultrasonic scrubbing spatula

Above we have just discussed the blackhead remover. It is ideal for removing blackheads in specific areas. Do you want a solution for removing multiple impurities? Then consider an ultrasonic scrubbing spatula.

ANLAN's ultrasonic scrubbing spatula produces up to 400 vibrations per second to loosen impurities. Furthermore, the ultrasonic vibrations stimulate the production of collagen, a protein in your skin for tight skin and fewer wrinkles.

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